Jarkko Aro

Head of Marketing and Business Development VEO
Executive MBA Executive MBA

”I had previously studied alongside work in the conversion training of my master’s degree, and I felt that studying alongside work gave even more added value, as the lessons could be applied in practice at the same time. MBA studies became topical when I progressed to more responsible positions in my career, which included not only business responsibility but also broader multi-level managerial positions. I felt that it would be very important to receive training related to these new responsibilities that would support success at work in the future. I also knew from my previous master’s studies that you can study alongside work, so I dared to take up the challenge.

I chose the MBA at the University of Vaasa because my colleagues gave me great feedback on these MBA studies at VY and they recommended it to me.

All the courses have been well prepared and have brought international insight into Finnish business expertise. I am particularly reminded of the visit to Harvard University in Boston. A Harvard lecturer said Finns have excellent know-how and technology, but we’re bad at marketing it, while the Yankees are top-notch at it. I realized that we should just more and boldly bring out our expertise globally.

The best part of the studies was the great team and top trainers. I also particularly liked how much valuable experience I have gained from peer support from my colleagues in different courses. It was also interesting to note that no matter what the field is, we have all had the same type of challenges in our own positions. In addition, contact teaching in different localities and excursions to other countries gave a lot, as all participants gathered together and focused only on the training. This helped to form a great team spirit in the group. Now that it’s been a while since the training, it’s still easy to approach and talk to colleagues who attended the same courses.”