Pia Anttiroiko

Sales & Marketing Manager, Best-Hall Ltd.
Executive MBA Sales Management eMBA

”I went to study the MBA program because I wanted to learn today’s new kind of sales and thereby develop the sales of my own organization. The Sales MBA from Executive Education at the University of Vaasa was exactly what I was looking for. I started studying in the MBA program in August 2016 and graduated on 2.10.2019. Studying while working went well. There was a lot of work involved, but since the studies were intrinsically linked to my own work, they were already beneficial for my own work during my studies. Long evenings and weekends were spent with different learning diaries and assignments, but it was so rewarding that you didn’t even want to count those hours.

MBA training has been a huge benefit for sales management and, more broadly, for managing the entire company from a sales perspective. It has also had a really big impact on my career development. After graduating, my area of responsibility changed and I received a promotion and a position in the management team. In my current role, I focus more on marketing, where I was also able to learn a lot from the training program, as well as on sales management in my own export area.”