Sanna Mäenpää

HR Manager at Kymen Seudun Osuuskauppa

”I work as a human resources manager and am responsible for our company’s hr functions. I want to develop my own professional skills, and Executive Education at the University of Vaasa is the only one offering an MBA program that includes human resources work.

The main motivation for starting my studies was to maintain and develop my own competence. In my opinion, my own field of work is reasonably well mastered, but I want to increase my understanding and competence more broadly from the perspective of managing the entire company.

I started my HR MBA studies this autumn with the very topical Strategic Financial Management module. Practical benefits have already come to the budgeting of my area of responsibility and, for example, the budgeting of my area of responsibility. from a scorecard perspective to measuring and supporting the implementation of our strategy, which is currently being updated.

The richness of education is the conversations that arise in our group a lot. Participants come from very different companies and different tasks that enrich views and discussion.”