Customized programmes

Our custom solutions are tailor-made training programs designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. Examples: manager coaching, executive team coaching, wellbeing at work, public procurements, service design, digital marketing, transformational change, total quality management, special issues in social welfare and health care, strategy process, and coaching.

We organize training on different themes in the field of management and business. We can also tailor your own MBA training to your organization.

We also offer analytical tools, such as DiSC, 360 assessments, and Knowledge Leadership.

Everything DiSC

Have you ever wondered how the way you act and the way you communicate affect the way your organization works and the way you communicate with other people in the workplace?

One tool to illustrate the different ways in which members of the work community act is Everything DiSC. The DiSC profile illustrates the interaction styles and priorities on which a manager or supervisor focuses their resources. The DISC can be used as a tool for leadership and management work, as well as for staff development projects.

We have added to our range of analytical tools DiSC-based, tailor-made organizational coaching for developing workplace community, leadership, and management. Each participant is given a personal DiSC profile, which helps to smooth the interaction between different people and build strength from diversity through collaboration.

360 assessments

The 360 assessment identifies the strengths and areas for improvement of managers or management experts in different areas of management.

Feedback is collected through an electronic questionnaire from the appraisee’s subordinates, colleagues and supervisor, as well as from the appraisee him/herself. In this way, the 360 evaluation provides comprehensive feedback from all those who work with the person being evaluated.

When done correctly, 360 assessment is a very effective way of developing leadership. Analyzing the results and sparring with a skilled coach will support the further development of strengths and allow drilling down into areas for improvement.

Agile follow-up measurements increase effectiveness and make leadership development an integral part of the whole organization.

Let's build a program that works for your organization.

Eeva Kuorikoski

Key Account Manager, International education

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