Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a Doctoral level, research-based qualification, designed to make a contribution to the enhancement of trans-disciplinary practice in management as well as contribution to knowledge via the application and development of theoretical frameworks, methods, and techniques. A DBA emphasizes the novel application of theory, rather than the creation and testing of theory (EQUAL Network Doctoral Guidelines).

The DBA will be an innovative doctoral-level program that supports and complements the traditional PhD programs at the business school level. 

What is the Difference Between the DBA and PhD?

The DBA is considered a professional doctorate, and the PhD is an academic doctorate. Both are advanced research degrees that involve conducting original research, analyzing data, and producing important findings.  PhD students research and create and test theories, while DBA students use those theories and processes to solve complex, real-world business problems.  

A PhD often requires full-time physical presence and focus of the students on a specific area of research, typically for around four years.

Instead, most DBA programs are part-time options where the candidate is expected to complete research alongside full-time work.  

Personal benefits: The Vaasa DBA enables candidates to realize their professional aspirations by allowing them to bridge the praxis – theory gap, acquire advanced skills and techniques, and access multiple career paths by facilitating a change in career direction with a terminal – the highest Doctoral program in Business and Management. 

Organizational benefits: Critical success factors are the alignment of organizational objectives with innovative research projects of selected executives and high potential managers in private, community-led, and public organizations who will develop an ecosystem of learners at the highest level and propose solutions to grand societal challenges in core areas of the University’s strengths in energy, sustainability, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in digital and global health management, among others.  The Vaasa DBA program will start in 2024

Our Approach to Learning

Selective intake to facilitate a high degree of peer-to-peer interactions and learning within cohorts.

Very high faculty support to DBA candidates including the appointment of a supervisory team for each student.

Supervision and technology-enhanced online tutoring throughout the programme from dedicated supervisory teams, including local faculty and experts to support your research journey throughout the programme.

Year 1

Module 1: Innovation & Technology Management

Module 2: Entrepreneurship

Module 3: International Business & Management

Year 2

Module 4: Human Resource Management (HRM)

Module 5: Delivery of Research Proposals

Year 3

Fieldwork and writing up of the thesis

Year 4-6

Submission and examination of the thesis

Alumni Collaboration

From the beginning of the programme, you will have access to exlusive and highly active alumni network of Vaasa University Business School

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OBS. We do not provide scholarships for the DBA studies.

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