Executive MBA

The world is being transformed by surprising, new challenges as well as the already well-known digitalization, technological and social innovations, and climate change. Resilience and responsibility and the ability to respond and adapt rapidly are at the core of a successful business.

Executive Education brings the university’s research-based expertise to adult education, with an emphasis on innovative, easy-to-implement solutions and impact. The latest research-based knowledge provides a sound foundation that you can put into practice with the help of the MBA programme. The correct numbers and words are a necessity in management. Therefore, our programme covers both the hard core of business skills as well as people-oriented leadership—not forgetting the customers.

The Executive MBA programme at the University of Vaasa will lead your thinking and action to a strategic and more profitable direction.

After your eMBA studies, you will be able to make confident decisions and think one or two steps ahead as a leader and manager. With the big picture under control, even surprising turns of events are easier to handle and turn into victories.

Studying in an Executive MBA programme

An entire Executive MBA programme (95 ECTS) is composed of core study modules that are common for all and optional specialization modules. You can take one of the ready-made packages or pick and choose a combination that meets your needs. The study modules rotate every two years and you can finish your studies in about two and a half years. You can start from whichever core or specialization module and study at your own pace. At the moment, the price of the whole MBA program is 34 200 euros (+ VAT 24 % ). The individual module is about 4 800 euros (+ VAT 24 %)

Core modules (75 ECTS):

  • Strategic business development
  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Managing in a multicultural environment
  • Managing customer value and customer experience
  • Leadership and personal development
  • MBA development project

eMBA studies are done while working. There are two to three contact teaching days a month, usually from 9 to 16. Otherwise, studying is done independently in the Moodle e-learning environment. Contact teaching is generally in Vaasa and Helsinki.

The modules contain visiting specialists, analyses, and examples from companies. The teaching methods include lectures, literature, case studies, group work and discussion, workshops, and learning diaries. In addition to the lecturers’, participants gain the views, experience, and expertise of each other. Group discussions have been found very useful and support from peers pronounced.

*The language of the eMba program is Finnish

*The eMBA program is not among the official degrees recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland.

Studies common to all 75 ECTS

Strategic Business Development 10 ECTS

Strategic Financial Management 10 ECTS

Leadership in a Multicultural Environment 15 ECTS

Customer value and Customer Experience Management 10 ECTS

Leadership and personal development 15 ECTS

eMBA Development Work 15 ECTS

Specialization Studies 20-30 ECTS

Sales eMBA 20 ECTS


Social and Health Care eMBA 25 ECTS

Energy Business eMBA 20 ECTS

Procurement eMBA 20 ECTS

Risk Management and Security eMBA 20 ECTS

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Executive MBA programmes

We provide several different specialisation tracks (20-30 ECTS).

Sales Management eMBA

The Sales eMBA program offers the latest knowledge and tools for strategic planning of sales and practical development of profitable selling. The key elements include B-to-B and solution-oriented selling, building a sales organization, working internationally, and all-around interaction skills.


The HR eMBA program provides an extensive toolbox for active human resource management. With the learning outcomes of this program, a company or an organization can extensively and systematically develop its people management.

Social and Health Care eMBA

The new program focuses on managing the field of social and health care in a complex environment. Social and Health Care eMBA helps meet the objectives of reforming the social and health care system. This requires new leadership and the ability of organizations that commission and produce health and social services to promote systemic change.

Energy Business eMBA

The Energy Business eMBA program offers the latest knowledge and practical tools for managing and developing a company operating in the energy sector. By the energy sector, we mean, in addition to the traditional energy companies, also businesses related to energy production, distribution, and other companies involved in the value chain.

Procurement eMBA

The eMBA in procurement deepens the understanding of what should be taken into account in procurement and how. Procurement expertise and innovation are essentially linked to the ability to find the best suppliers and develop procurement together with suppliers, which is why the study module is aimed at both private and public sector actors.







Risk Management and Safety eMBA

The Risk Management and Safety eMBA consist of general studies and two module specialization studies, one focusing on the methods of the risk management process and the other on legal obligations and compliance with different standards. The program is intended for people working in risk management, safety, quality management, and environmental management in the private and public sectors.