New International Program Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Starting Up

The University of Vaasa Executive Education (ExEd) will design and implement a new DBA program together with the University of Vaasa and international university professors

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a Doctoral level, research-based qualification, designed to make a contribution to the enhancement of trans-disciplinary practice in management as well as contribution to knowledge via the application and development of theoretical frameworks, methods, and techniques. A DBA places emphasis on the novel application of theory, rather than the creation and testing of theory (EQUAL Network Doctoral Guidelines).

The DBA will be an innovative doctoral-level degree program that supports and complements the traditional Ph.D. programs that are running at the business school level. 

Personal benefits: The Vaasa DBA enables candidates and early-stage researchers to realize their professional aspirations by allowing them to bridge the praxis–theory gap, acquire advanced skills and techniques, and access multiple career paths by facilitating a change in career direction with a terminal – the highest Doctoral degree in Business and Management.

Organizational benefits: Critical success factors are the alignment of organizational objectives with innovative research projects of selected executives and high potential managers in private, community-led, and public organizations who will develop an ecosystem of learners at the highest level and propose solutions to grand societal challenges in core areas of the University’s strengths in energy, sustainability, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in digital and global health management, among others.

The Vaasa DBA program will start in spring 2023.

Target markets are in Asia (China, Singapore, Vietnam) coupled with highly qualified candidates in Finland and the broader Scandinavian area.

The Founding Director of the Vaasa DBA is the EDAMBA President, and Visiting Professor of Innovation Systems at InnoLab Prof. Dr. Dimitris Assimakopoulos  “If you want to make an impactful contribution to practice in real-world organizations, societies, and economies while developing your own career, then you should transform your vision and expand your horizons through DBA

The DBA program is not among the official degrees recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland.