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We have built our online training, taking into account the different learners. Some learn best by reading, others by listening or watching. Content that focuses on texts has been enlivened with images or videos that support text. Student inclusion has also been taken into account when making online courses. Remembering and learning things requires actively introducing students into the practice of information to participate in independent assignments or quizzes. We have tried to create a good user experience by clearly explaining at the beginning of the pieces of training and modules what the content, structure, objectives, etc. of the pieces of training are. The different modules are wrapped together, so the student naturally moves to the next module.

In practice, you can start online learning by enlightening yourself about the topics below that interest you. By clicking on the box, you can get to know the presentation and content of the course.

In our online store, you can pay for coaching with a credit card. Stripe is the payment intermediary. Payment is made in the online store, and you are not redirected to another service. When paying with Stripe, you agree to the terms and conditions you will find  Stripe is a safe and easy payment method.

N.B! When paying, please use for example Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browsers. The learning platform does not work optimally with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browsers.

Online Courses

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Digital Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing

Strategic Digital Marketing Course Bundle

Contact us and we'll tell you more about how you can use our online courses in your organization. Together, we can also build the course content your organization needs.

Ida Söderholm

Training Manager / Open Trainings