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Our mission is to commercialize the university’s research-based expertise in adult and continuing education, with an 
emphasis on innovative solutions that are easy to put into practice.​

In 2021 we trained over 2000 satisfied customers

Our solutions

Executive MBA

The Executive MBA programme at the University of Vaasa will lead your thinking and action in a strategic and more profitable direction. The latest research-based knowledge provides a sound foundation that you can put into practice with the help of the MBA programme. The right numbers and words are a necessity in management. Therefore, our programme covers both the hard core of business skills as well as people-oriented leadership—not forgetting the customers.

Customized programes

We can organize tailored training and development programmes, such as manager coaching, executive team coaching, and wellbeing at work, to meet the needs of your organization in the fields of the University of Vaasa. We can cover different themes in management and business as well as technology and public management.

Customer experience

As a result of the training, I have found my role as a manager more meaningful and effective.

Why choose University of Vaasa Executive Education​?

1. Effectiveness

We deliver inspiring and impactful adult and continuing education that provides you with practical tools to operate effectively and efficiently in an ever-changing world of work.​

2. Expertise

Our practical programmes harness researched university science, theory, and academic process to effectively solve everyday management and business challenges.​

3. Accessibility

We are a service-oriented, flexible and accessible adult and continuing education partner that has made its services easy to choose, tailor, buy and deliver.​

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