Vaasa Gas Exchange

Vaasa Gas Exchanage (VGE) is an international networking event for energy experts, focusing on gases including natural gas, LNG, biogas (LBG), and other gaseous fuels for the future. At VGE, enterprises will have the opportunity to meet other actors, driving forces, and potential partners from Finland and abroad. In addition, there will be a free open seminar. VGE is the biggest networking event for the gas industry in the Nordics.

VGE is organised by the University of Vaasa in partnership with Gasum, Merinova, Novia University of Applied Sciences, Stormossen, VASEK, Viexpo, Wärtsilä, and the Åbo Akademi University, and is part of the Vaasa EnergyWeek event. Vaasa EnergyWeek is an international energy conference consisting of several events.

Vaasa Gas Exchange VGE Video 2022

For more information please contact Lotta Saarteinen and Teemu Närvä

Vaasa Energy Week March 20th to 24th 2023