EnergyWeek 2023: A Record-Breaking Event for Sustainable Energy Solutions

Last week, the University of Vaasa Executive Education (UvaasaExEd) was honored to play an integral role in organizing EnergyWeek 2023, the largest energy technology event in the Nordic countries. With the help of our partners, we coordinated the Vaasa Gas Exchange (VGE) on March 23 and the Nordic Energy Storage (NES) on March 24, featuring over 100 exhibitions and hosting three insightful seminars.

EnergyWeek 2023 was held in an historical budling, Vaasa’s City Hall.

EnergyVaasa, a world leader in energy technology, provided the perfect backdrop for this year’s event. As a hub for innovation in smart electrical solutions, sustainable energy, flexible power generation, and digitalization, Vaasa’s commitment to collaboration and research has made it the most innovative region in Finland.

EnergyWeek 2023 exceeded all expectations, boasting a 15% increase in visitors from 44 different countries. Despite a rail industry strike that threatened attendance, alternative modes of transportation like carpooling ensured that over 7,100 guests could participate in the 30 different events and seminars. With more than 550 business meetings arranged throughout the week, EnergyWeek facilitated valuable networking opportunities for industry experts and showcased cutting-edge innovations in energy and the environment, wind and renewable energy, gas energy, and energy storage.

Among the events organized by UvaasaExEd were Gas Seminar 1 and Gas Seminar 2, both part of the Vaasa Gas Exchange (VGE). Gas Seminar 1 focused on the role of biogas as a key part of modern energy business solutions, while Gas Seminar 2 explored E-fuels and hydrogen ecosystems, providing a glimpse into future opportunities. Energy Storage Seminar 2, part of the Nordic Energy Storage (NES) event, delved into diversifications in energy storage needs and business models in future energy systems.

The success of EnergyWeek 2023 is a testament to the dedication and teamwork of the region’s organizations, our partners, and all attendees who embraced the event’s mission to create more sustainable technologies for saving the planet. As we gather feedback from this year’s event, we look forward to building on our achievements and making EnergyWeek 2024 an even more outstanding experience.