Energy Policy and Renewable Energy Management

The world’s energy markets are facing inevitable change. Climate change is a cause for alarm. The goals and concerns are triggering energy technology investments all over the world. The energy technology market is growing and will be growing for many years to come. The growing and changing market calls for new or improved products and services.

The change calls for new management competences and skills and continuous improvement of businesses as well as updated strategies.

Energy Policy and Renewable Energy Management is aiming to increase the knowledge of participants in Energy Business Management. The module gives key elements to provide successful and profitable business. This module contains latest knowledge and tools applied to energy business, especially renewables and energy efficiency.

The module is part of our Executive MBA program, but it is possible to do the module as separate studies.

After being part of the module, participants will be able to:
RememberThe key ideas concerning the barriers, challenges, and opportunities related to the energy transition.
UnderstandThe energy transition at its different levels: macro-meso-micro as well as the energy in the end-use sectors (e.g., transportation, buildings, agriculture, smart grids) and the complexity of the energy policies and how the EU energy policy frame functions in practical level.
ApplyThe energy transition framework (MLP) into his / her company environment.
AnalyzeHow main enabling and supporting technologies, business models, market design, and systems operation which are necessary to support the transformation to a renewable future, and how the regulatory, organizational, and behavioral changes associated with the energy transition, will not only present new challenges for the energy ecosystem but also open up new business opportunities within his/her company business environment.

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”This module offers a detailed look at the various aspects of the energy transition, covering broad, intermediate, and detailed perspectives. Participants will develop a thorough understanding of this significant change, learning about the associated regulatory, organizational, and behavioral shifts. This all-encompassing view highlights the challenges and reveals a range of new business opportunities within the energy sector.”

Prof. Miadreza Shafiekhah, Scientific Director Energy Business eMBA

Module Structure

The lectures will be conducted in Finnish and English. Sessions are usually from 9:00-16:00. The right to make changes is reserved.


Introduction to the module. Global Issues in Energy Transition 

Suvi Karirinne, VEBIC Director, University of Vaasa

Giovanna de la Cruz, VEBIC, University of Vaasa

  • Energy Transition as a socio-economic & technical perspective
    • present situation and challenges
  • Energy Transition – what is the transition, socio-technical perspective
  • Energy Transition – technology, materials
  • Energy Transition – geographical differences, challenges, opportunities, risks & security


Renewable Energy Business Opportunities

Postdoctoral Researcher Erwan Mouazan, University of Vaasa

Professor Rodrigo Rabetino, University of Vaasa

  • Business innovation landscape in the energy ecosystem – Dr. Erwan Mouazan
  • Energy in the circular economy and bioeconomy – Dr. Erwan Mouazan
  • Sustainable business model innovation in the electricity market – Prof. Rodrigo Rabetino


Energy Markets 

Risto Kuusi, Fingrid

  • Joint energy markets and market interdependence (EU/Nordic).
  • Flexibility in energy markets.

Matti Malkamäki, Hycamite

  • Tulevaisuuden energiaskenaariot ja uusiutuvien energiamuotojen kehitys


Energy Policy

Professor Sirja-Leena Penttinen, European Economic and Energy Law, UEF Law School, University of Eastern Finland

Professor Kim Talus, University of Helsinki

  • Energy policy frameworks
  • European and Finnish energy policy frameworks
  • Legal aspects of energy renewables in Finland and the EU context
  • Strategies and support mechanisms


Alternative future energy systems

Suvi Karirinne, VEBIC Director, University of Vaasa

Professor Rodrigo Rabetino, University of Vaasa

  • Presentation and panel discussions with company representatives

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