Anssi Alasaari

CEO, Alucar Ltd.
Executive MBA Johtajana kasvaminen JOKA

“I completed JOKA training 2017-2018, and after it ended, I became interested in the Strategic Financial Management module starting the following autumn. However, due to the work situation, I was unable to continue at the time, and the matter came up concretely in the previous winter when the market situation deteriorated before the corona pandemic. Last year hit our company hard even before the pandemic began, and that’s when we decided to strengthen our expertise in financial management, for example. I started my MBA studies last autumn with the Strategic Financial Management module. I expected the autumn module to have more work on figures and KPIs, but I was introduced to a new perspective on the effects of strategy, personnel, and company values on the company’s results, for example.

This year, it has been the turn of the Leadership in a Multicultural Environment module, which has supported me in considering the company’s internationalization plans and provided tools for systematic analysis.

Normally, I travel a lot at work, but due to the pandemic, there haven’t been many trips for the past year. This period has been well suited for training. In any case, the stagnation of the world has given reason to think about one’s own and the company’s resources from a different perspective. Discussions with people from different fields have been open, and in group work, I have received good sparring from other participants for my own plans.”