An Inspiring Excursion to Innsbruck for Executive MBA Students

Last month, a cohort of Executive MBA students embarked on a captivating 3-day academic trip to Innsbruck, Austria as part of the ”Managing in a Multicultural Environment” course. The picturesque city, located among towering mountains and imbued with the essence of spring, provided a breathtaking backdrop for their studies.

The students attended lectures at MCI, The Entrepreneurial Business School, where they explored the intricacies of conducting business across cultures and honed their interpersonal communication skills. In the evenings, they relished the opportunity to sample delectable Tyrolean cuisine in a convivial atmosphere.

With participants from diverse professional backgrounds, the group activities proved to be engaging and thought-provoking. The lively exchange of ideas fostered a dynamic learning environment. This immersive academic excursion to Innsbruck not only facilitated personal and professional growth, but also allowed participants to forge lasting connections and appreciate the splendor of Austria. We want to express gratitude to the MCI team for their warm hospitality.