Digitalisation in Energy Business

Digital technologies and tools have become a critical driver of business performance. While digital technologies have been reshaping the energy systems for decades, the combination of rapid progress in and declining costs of sensors, data storage and transmission, and analytics has dramatically increased the business potential of digital technologies, which turns out digital competencies to be vital for any business.

This module draws on up-to-date knowledge concerning digital technologies applied to the energy business, especially renewables, smart grids, energy efficiency and digital business models in energy-related companies.

The module aims to give participants latest knowledge regarding the role of digital technologies as a source of new business opportunities in energy-related industries while helping them to transform this knowledge into managerial implications. In so doing, this module not only covers the latest digital technologies applied to energy-related businesses but also adopts a forward-looking perspective to explore how emerging trends in digitalisation, such as blockchain and cybersecurity, may enable new business opportunities and reshape energy ecosystems soon.

The module is part of our Executive MBA programme, but it is possible to do the module as separate studies. 

Tutustu Energy Business eMBA kokonaisuuteen


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